Welcome to the Hank Beebe Music Library Choral Music Page. Mr. Beebe has had over 500 choral works published world-wide. With so many works it would be impossible to include them all here. However we have selected a few that we feel best represent Mr. Beebe's body of work. Please take a moment to listen to these inspirational, uplifting, fun, tuneful, singable pieces. If you would like to order copies of the music for your church choir or school chorus, send us an email and we will be happy to fulfill your request.

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Hank Beebe's new church anthem, "Be Filled With The Spirit",
a bright uplifting choral number based on Ephesians 5:18b-20.

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"Be Still"
Two-Part Choir, Keyboard

"For The Mountains Shall Depart"
Mixed Chorus, SATB, Mezzo-Soprano or Tenor Solo, Keyboard


Two-Part Treble/Mixed Voices, Keyboard, Gloves Choreography

"God Of All Grace"
SATB, Keyboard

Two-Part Treble/Mixed Voices, Keyboard, Hats Choreography

"I Follow The Thing That Good Is"

SAB Choir Keyboard

"I Love The Lord"
Two-Part Choir, May be performed by soloist and Unison Choir, Keyboard

"Kneeling At The Manger"

SATB Keyboard

"My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord"

SATB, Piano, Brass Choir, Amplified Bass and Drums

"Onward To Bethlehem"
SATB Keyboard

"Our Father"

SATB Keyboard

"The Lord Is My Light"
SATB Keyboard

"Raise Up Your Power, O Lord!"

SATB Keyboard

"The Selfsame Spirit"
Two-Part Treble/Mixed, Keyboard

Two-Part Treble/Mixed Voices, Keyboard, Sunglass Choreography

"Think On These Things"
SATB, Keyboard

"Thou Art My God"

SATB, Keyboard

"To Know Thee"

SATB, Keyboard

"Walk While You Have The Light"

Two-Part Choir, Keyboard

"Woman, Why Do You Weep?"

SATB, Keyboard

"Yet Will I Rejoice"
Two-Part, Keyboard