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"The Cowboy and the Tiger" Available for the first time on DVD!
A most beloved and charming children's musical, as originally seen on television in 1963 - Sonny Fox Productions presents "The Cowboy and the Tiger" starring David Wayne, Jack Gilford, Paul O'Keefe, Sue Lawless and Nathaniel Frey. $20 (+ 6.70 shipping and handling)
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You have arrived at the Hank Beebe Music Library, where Hank Beebe's musical plays and choral music are now available.


Beebe's musicals have been produced for Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theater and community theater, and there is a good chance that at least one of them is perfect for your theater. Whether your cast is six actors, or sixty, these plays are eminently producible with tuneful songs, hilarious scenes, and moving finales.


Beebe's choral music is moving, uplifting and thoroughly singable by your church choir or school chorus.


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