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A Mighty Fortress

A MIGHTY FORTRESS is a musical comedy about the foibles of present-day churchgoers.


Imagine the Devil as a corporate executive. Cyrus P. Satin, with his advisory board of demons, plots his way through history, trying to defeat his "Worthy Opponent" by undermining His church. Martin and Frieda Nelson are looking to join a church in order to escape the hypocrisy of the world.


The church they join, much to their dismay, and due to Satin's infiltration, has all the foibles of modern Christendom. Scenes include choir practice, chaperoning a youth fellowship dance, the cleanup committee, greeters, televangelism, and more.


All churchgoers will recognize humorous aspects of their own churches. Martin and Frieda get fed up with their church, and fall into the hands of Satin and his demons. Their life spirals downward until they face a crisis which almost ends their marriage. In the end, the gates of hell cannot prevail against the true church. Both rib-ticklingly funny and poignant.

We Want What We Think You've Got -
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His Secret Weapon -
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How Odd -
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