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A Remarkable Mary

A REMARKABLE MARY is a musical comedy/drama about Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus.


We meet Mary at her wedding where she realizes that she cannot go through with the marriage because of her personal demons. Her wealthy father feels he has no choice but to have her committed to an asylum.


On her way she encounters a leper who has been healed by the "itinerant preacher", Jesus. She orders her servants to bring her to Jesus to rid her of her demons, which he does.


Life among the followers is fulfilling for Mary until Jesus informs her that he must soon die.

Realizing her love for Jesus, Mary reacts to this news by running away to the asylum.


Back in Jerusalem Caiaphas and the chief priests are growing concerned about the rise of this "golden-voiced huckster". Their concern runs the gamut from outrage, through fear, to conspiracy in three comic musical numbers. Mary returns, witnesses the crucifixion, then meets the risen Jesus. Large cast.

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