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A Hank Beebe CD…featuring Hank Beebe?


For many years Hank Beebe has put together a CD of his most recent anthems to give as Christmas presents to family and friends.  This CD was not a choir singing his music, it was Hank himself performing his own work.  He recorded many tracks of his singing, and put them together so that he sounded like a male chorus.  The result was a very personal rendition of each anthem, which had the effect of lifting the spirits of each listener.


This special quality gave birth to an idea:  why not make this year’s CD available to a wider audience by offering it for sale through the Hank Beebe Music Library?


So the Library is now offering Hank’s new CD, titled “Jubilant!”, of ten brand new anthems, all composed within the past year.  Included in the album are notes for each anthem telling how each one came to be, and how each one contributes toward lifting your spirits.


You can order a copy of the CD by clicking the paypal button below, or you can download it directly through this website using the player to the left.


And don’t forget, “Jubilant!” just might make an ideal Christmas present for those close to you, whose spirits you’d like to lift.


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