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CALVIN? is a musical comedy perfect for Presidential election years.


With all the hype surrounding the Presidential elections, the rhetoric, the constant sniping and media blitzes, CALVIN? brings the audience much needed comic relief.


A man who has absolutely no charisma or charm or personal attractiveness runs for election as alderman. He is left with no alternative but to be honest with his constituents. He wins. Using the same tactics he is elected mayor, then legislator, then state senator, then lieutenant governor, then governor, then Vice President, then finally became the 30th President of the United States.


All this from a man known as "Silent Cal". Other characters include Grace Coolidge, Suffragettes, Politicians, Charles Lindbergh, Calvin Coolidge's father, and many characters specific to the periods covered.


Cast of 14 or more.

Calvin? -
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I Call It Love -
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My Son Is The President -
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