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Go Out Singing

GO OUT SINGING is a humorous yet moving musical about Simon Peter and the apostles, depicting their unlikely roles in the founding of Christ's church in the teeth of Roman brutality and persecution.


Set just after the crucifixion of Jesus, the story concludes with the martyrdom of Peter and Paul. Thirty years transpire between acts.


Roles include Peter and his wife Rachel, apostles, Saul/Paul, Barnabas, Nero and his concubines, Marcellus, his centurion, a dancing beggar, Jewish women and children, magician Simon Magus, and Roman guards.


Dancing concubines double as "the wind" during Pentecost and jail release scenes. Much singing and joyful dancing among the early Christians contrasts the grim persecution to which they were subjected. Large cast required. GO OUT SINGING is particularly poignant when presented in a church sanctuary.

Go Out Singing -
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He Breathed On Us -
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What Kind Of A Man Is This? -
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There'll Always Be A Roman Empire -
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