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Hospitality Suite

HOSPITALITY SUITE is a contemporary story told using the conventions of traditional French farce, such as suggestive dialogue, mistaken identity, marital infidelity, conniving servants, dictatorial old

man, and young lovers.


In the musical comedy HOSPITALITY SUITE a present-day sales convention replaces the French villa, the old man becomes Garrison Gross, a driven top executive.


The love match the old man traditionally resists is now between two junior executives, his merchandising manager Rob Wicker, and the company spokeswoman Jeannie Brisk, who, unbeknownst to their boss, have breached company policy and secretly married.


The conniving servant, who seeks to help the lovers, becomes Judith Pryor, a consultant. Two other characters round out the cast, leading to mistaken identity and many comical comings and goings from the suite's two bedrooms.


Cast of six. One set.

The Great New Us -
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Let There Be Lightness -
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Frivolous -
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Hot Blooded Male -
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