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 A large cast musical in two acts about a young couple who joins the church to escape the turmoil of the world, only to find human foibles among modern churchgoers which almost drives them away from the church.

 A large cast musical in two acts presenting the ministry of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus cast out seven demons, and who was the constant companion of Jesus through his crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

A large cast musical comedy in two acts that follows the life of Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President, whose few words were either illuminating or funny, during the years 1900 – 1932.

 A large cast musical in two acts in which a young woman's loss inspires her to fight fires, and to cause humorous misadventures resulting from her presence as the first female firefighter in an all-male fire station. 

A large cast musical in two acts that covers the birth and youth of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Joseph, husband of Mary, a man of courage and forbearance, called upon by God to perform an extraordinary service.

A large cast musical in two acts that tells the story of Peter and Paul and the Early Christians and their struggle to establish Christ's church in the teeth of the brutality of the Roman Empire.

 A musical adventure in retirement in two acts, in which four actors are employed as follows: an older man and woman play the continuing characters of a retirement-aged married couple; a younger man and woman play everyone else.

A one-act Easter cantata for chorus and readers about a veteran Roman soldier, assigned to guard the tomb of Jesus, who witnesses the Resurrection, refuses a bribe to lie about it, becomes an outcast, and struggles to reconcile what he has witnessed with his experiences on the battlefield.

 A large cast historical musical in two acts, based on the life of Molly Finney of Flying Point, Maine, who was kidnapped during an Indian raid in 1756, sold into slavery in Quebec, and rescued by her seacaptain suitor, all during the French and Indian War.

 A six-character one-set musical in two acts that takes the characters usually found in French farce and puts them in a contemporary setting, the national sales convention.

How Uncivilized!

 A six-character musical comedy in two acts set in a college, where despite advanced degrees, civilized behavior is not displayed.



 A one-act musical presenting the Bethlehem Christmas story as seen through the eyes of the man who turned Mary and Joseph away from the inn, ending with the traditional Nativity scene.

A ten-character musical comedy in two acts set in Victorian England, concerning a former music hall star's conflicting allegiances to the theater and to her husband's noble society.

Me And My 🎼Music 

A large cast one-act musical about three students who, in 1910, introduced, at some peril, music into a traditionally strict Victorian boarding school.

Musicians To The King

 A one-act musical retelling the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

A six-character musical comedy in two acts, set in a Victorian house in rural Maine, in which three couples, including a ghostly one, vie for control of a bucolic property.

Success Story

A mini-musical about three Biblical women: Queen Esther, Judith and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

 A large cast romantic musical comedy in two acts, set in a community theater, including many recognizable community theater types.

A five-character musical in one act about a young Texan cowboy who finds an orange-and-black-striped "horse" at the New York City zoo.

Rehearse, Jonah

A one-act musical in which the conflict between Jonah and his God is told as the struggle between a stage director and a recalcitrant actor, and in which the “great fish” which swallows Jonah makes an appearance.

The Crab Who Got Tired Of Christmas

A unique one-act holiday musical for two-part chorus with leading players, an underwater fantasy that teaches the true meaning of giving.

The Man Who Made It

A one-act musical for Lent, in which a successful crossmaker must examine the consequences of his success when Jesus is condemned to die, and the crossmaker's shop is the source of His cross.

A large cast musical in two acts in which a family and a church community grapple with the divisive issue of sexual orientation, and conclude ultimately that “love is the answer.” 

 A large cast role-reversal musical in two acts about the pitfalls experienced by a mom with a career and a stay-at-home dad.

A musical revue in two acts which has been performed Off-Broadway with a cast of three, and in community theater with a large cast. It is a collection of humorous little stories about the foibles of New Yorkers.

A six-character modern musical comedy melodrama in two acts about a young woman's struggle to keep her bakery open while thwarting the villainous ploys of a greedy developer.

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