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TURNABOUT is a role-reversal musical comedy.

A young husband and wife, Chris and Tina Bean, discover that their natural talents best equip them to swap traditional roles. She will climb the corporate ladder; he will cook, clean and care for the baby. The arrangement works for them, but for practically no one else.


Tina is met with the backstabbing tactics of Jean Marie, a jealous assistant to Charles Cabot, the boss who develops more than an executive's interest in Tina. Jean Marie, with her "yes-men" by her side, tries unsuccessfully to keep Tina from rising to the top.


Chris, on the other hand, finds that being a "house-husband" has its disadvantages when he is confronted by young mothers who feel it is their duty to correct his baby-raising. One bored young mother even tries to seduce Chris to make life more interesting for her.


After a disastrous high school reunion and a business trip to Barcelona, a crisis with the baby brings everything into focus.

Cast of 12 or more.

If I Can Get Out Of The Driveway -
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Protect Your Posterior -
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Soaps -
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