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Tuscaloosa's Calling Me: But I'm Not Going

TUSCALOOSA'S CALLING ME, BUT I'M NOT GOING!, Hank Beebe's award-winning Off-Broadway hit musical, has just recently become available for your theater. The show that the New Yorker Magazine hoped "would run forever" can now be licensed through this website.

Called "Tuscaloosa" for short during its four-hundred-fifty-two performances in New York, and awarded the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical, this sparkling revue has also been seen by cable-TV audiences on the Showtime Channel.

Although the September 11th tragedy brought sorrow to New Yorkers, they soon regained their usual zany and opinionated ways so humorously portrayed in the original "Tuscaloosa", prompting Hank Beebe to update the show to reflect this rejuvenated craziness in a post 9/11 New York. 

Songs and sketches about New York delicatessen, singles bars, snobbish Fifth Avenue shops, and sophisticated mating habits are featured in this fast-moving musical. It can be performed by as few as six performers, or as many as you can fit on your stage. 

Settings can be as simple as a skyline, or as complex as you care to make them. It all goes to celebrate urban life as it can only be lived by super-alive, wise-cracking New Yorkers.

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