Unhand Me, Sir!

UNHAND ME, SIR! is a contemporary story told using the conventions of 19th century melodrama, such as a heart-tugging plot, suffering protagonists, seemingly insurmountable difficulties, a villain, and a hero.


In the musical comedy melodrama UNHAND ME, SIR! the heroine is Cecily Staunch, a bakery owner who will not sell out to the villainous developer Burnwell Bainscoff, who needs this last parcel of land to complete his make-a-killing condo project.


Turning to devious methods, Bainscoff has everything going for him until the eleventh hour when hero Rodney Stallworth, cast off from the business world for having a fatal case of compassion, shows him that decency and fair play, aided by cleverness, can still win the day.


Cast of six also includes local realtor Irvin Blurt, sexy secretary Ms. Dernk, and Cecily's widowed mother Miriam Staunch.

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Unhand Me, Sir! -
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Roll With The Punches -
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